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We're looking for driven candidates excited about working closely on cutting edge tech with a small, talented team with an HQ in the heart of Silicon Valley.


Define The Intelligence Space

Edison Software is a consumer technology company with a mission to transform how people communicate by creating intelligence. Founded in 2011, the company began by re-imagining and simplifying how consumers get things done with its award-winning apps for iOS and Android. Edison Mail is the company’s flagship product offering consumers a faster, simpler, and smarter way to manage their mailbox.

As a team, we’re collaborative, engaged, and committed to continually improving as we serve our mission.

None of us are on an island—we trust our teammates to lend a hand when we’re stuck and our egos take a backseat to figuring out the best approach to tackling problems. We’re energized by tough problems and are excited to know that a challenge ahead of us does not have a textbook solution. Finally, we’re always in a posture of learning—there is a lot we do not know but that does not hold us back from making an attempt at solutions. We lead thorough blameless postmortems to become better analysts, scientists, and leaders.

PTO & Benefits

Enjoy PTO, competitive compensation and pre-IPO options. Great healthcare, dental and vision plans.

Tribe Mind

Be part of a small team where you can bounce around ideas in an open, fast paced, fun environment.

Don't Settle

Be on the cutting edge of an upcoming space and make an impact on the next generation of AI.

Change the way companies interact with data with a world class team.

Culture is a living creature, and employees are the ones who feed it.

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