Has Casper put traditional mattress sellers to sleep?

7/24/18 by Cara Salpini

Retail Dive

The 2010s ushered in an influx of bed-in-a-box mattress players that changed the way we think about the sector... read more

Did voices carry Amazon Prime Day to record heights? Who knows

7/24/18 by Brent Leary


We found out that Prime Day was Amazon's biggest sales day ever, and millions of Echo devices were sold... read more

Prime Day Wrap-Up: Amazon Generates $4.2 Billion, 40% Of Shoppers Made Unplanned Purchases Featured

7/23/18 by Glenn Taylor

Retail TouchPoints

Prime Day 2018 proved once again that Amazon can deliver and exceed expectations despite wrenches thrown in its direction... read more

Amazon’s Prime Day becomes its biggest shopping event


Drug Store News

Amazon’s fourth annual Prime Day has become the online giant’s biggest shopping event yet... read more

Amazon’s 2018 Prime Day Sets Record Despite Glitches

7/19/18 by Marcia Kaplan

Practical Ecommerce

Amazon’s 2018 Prime Day event got off to an inauspicious start at 3 p.m. Eastern time on July 16 when eager shoppers received... read more

The History and Success of Joss and Main

7/19/18 by Staff

Home Stratosphere

Joss & Main is a subsidiary of that was founded by Wayfair LLC in 2011 as a new sub-organization/division... read more

Prime Day isn’t just for Amazon anymore


Chain Store Age

More retailers are jumping on the Prime Day bandwagon, and successfully snagging sales with their own online summer shopping holidays... read more

Amazon sold over 1M smart home devices on Prime Day

7/19/18 by Dan O'Shea

Retail Dive

Amazon sold more than one million smart home devices on July 17, the second day of its 36-hour Prime Day event... read more

Prime Day boosts sales by 54% for large retailers

7/19/18 by Daphne Howland

Retail Dive

Prime Day was a sales boon for Amazon and its rivals alike. Adobe Analytics found that sales at large retailers... read more

Prime Day perseveres, and makes ‘Amazon history’


Chain Store Age

Amazon’s fourth annual Prime Day has become the online giant’s biggest shopping event yet — in terms of sales... read more

Target’s online summer sale knocks it out of the park


Chain Store Age

Amazon wasn’t the only retailer to break records on Prime Day. Target went head-to-head with Amazon by hosting its... read more

Amazon-Marriott Deal Will Make Alexa A Hotel Butler, But The Implications Range Far Wider

6/19/18 by Andria Cheng


Amazon turned heads with its latest move on Tuesday: Partnering with Marriott International to feature its Echo smart speakers at select hotels... read more

Winners in Traditional Retailing Are Also Winning Online

6/8/18 by Elizabeth Winkler

The Wall Street Journal

When investors were betting that Amazon would crush every traditional retailer, it didn’t matter how their online sales were doing... read more

Retail Roundup: Amazon Dominance and Alternatives

6/8/18 by Teresa Rivas


While e-commerce platforms like (AMZN), Etsy (ETSY), and eBay (EBAY) have been cast as villains in the downfall of traditional retail... read more

Sears online sales a fraction of department store peers

6/8/18 by Ben Unglesbee

Retail Dive

Sears Holdings' falling store sales have been a much-discussed topic in the retail world... read more


6/6/18 by E.J. Schultz


Ikea wants to be...a clothing brand? Find out more below, plus how one embattled food trade organization is rolling the dice... read more

REI created Memorial Day hype for 600% lift in sales

6/5/18 by Jacqueline Renfrow

Fierce Retail

REI's sales dominated over its competitors over Memorial Day 2018... read more

REI’s Memorial Day Sales Outpaced Average by 600%

6/1/18 by Daphne Howland

Retail Dive

REI's online sales overpowered competitors Backcountry and Walmart-owned Moosejaw the week up to and including Memorial Day... read more

Made-Up Corporate Shopping Holidays Are Massive Now, And It's Not Just Prime Day

5/4/18 by Leticia Miranda


Online shopping has brought with it a whole new approach to the weekend sale... read more

Wayfair's retail holiday lifts sales 400%

5/3/18 by Jacqueline Renfrow

Fierce Retail

It seems Wayfair's new retail holiday paid off, as sales reportedly jumped 400% on April 25. The 24-hour sales, called Way Day... read more

One week ago, on a random day in April, Wayfair had its biggest sales day ever

5/2/18 by Zak Stambor

Digital Commerce 360

Way Day, Wayfair Inc.’s inaugural one-day sales holiday, last Wednesday generated the retailer’s biggest-ever day in terms of revenue... read more

Online retailer Wayfair thinks this home furnishing is a 'multibillion-dollar market'

5/2/18 by Tonya Garcia


Wayfair Inc. is going all in on bathroom vanities, which it thinks is a “multibillion-dollar market.”... read more

Wayfair finds profits elusive as Q1 loss widens

5/2/18 by Daphne Howland

Retail Dive

Wayfair on Wednesday reported its first quarter direct retail net revenue, consisting of sales generated primarily through its sites... read more

The secret to successfully decluttering your inbox

5/1/18 by Nicole Lyn Pesce

New York Post

Unsubscribe from out-of-control email. Three in four workers feels “overwhelmed” by the number and frequency of the emails they receive... read more

Net Neutrality, Cambridge Analytica Scandal Fuel VPN Use

4/27/18 by Michael Kan

PC Mag

The demise of net neutrality rules and Facebook's recent data privacy scandal have helped at least one group: VPN makers... read more

The states that came out to spend during Wayfair’s shopping holiday were…

4/27/18 by Deena M. Amato-McCoy

Chain Store Age

Shoppers in the nation’s top six most populated states drove spending on Wayfair’s first online shopping holiday... read more

Net neutrality and privacy scandals are increasing VPN use

4/27/18 by Ilyse Liffreing


Data scandals like Facebook-Cambridge Analytica and the repeal of net neutrality are having a side effect... read more

Retail Roundup: Four Stocks That Amazon Can’t Touch

4/27/18 by Teresa Rivas


Enthusiasm for (AMZN) may be taking the spotlight on Friday (although not all of it, as Macy's (M) also managed to trade to a new 52-week high)... read more

New data shows Spotify continuously on the rise among streaming services

4/7/18 by Arbela Capas

Substream Magazine

I remember being very suspicious about paying for monthly streaming... read more

Exclusive data insights into Spotify and its future after IPO

4/6/18 by Staff


This week marks a watershed for the rising content economy, defined by Spotify’s unorthodox IPO and the tumultuous aftermath that saw their market.... read more

10 must-have apps every smartphone user should download

4/4/18 by Ramya Patelkhana

News Bytes

As people spend most of their time using apps on smartphones, having the right ones is as important as having good phones... read more

Toys R Us says a 'perfect storm' killed the toy chain — and it blames Amazon, Walmart, and Target

3/16/18 by Hayley Peterson and Shayanne Gal


Toys R Us blamed Amazon, Walmart, and Target for creating a "perfect storm" over the holidays that sent the toy chain into a death spiral that could end... read more

Is a Savior in Sight for Toys "R" Us?

3/15/18 by Cathaleen Chen

It's not over until it's over, but unfortunately for the beleaguered Toys "R" Us Inc., the end is here—and not even Inc. could save it... read more

Valentine’s Day 2018 online sales recap in charts

3/12/18 by April Berthene


Valentine’s Day is a last-minute holiday for most shoppers... read more

Mobile shopping surges for Valentine’s Day

3/5/18 by April Berthene


Valentine’s Day was a very mobile holiday, according to personalization vendor Qubit... read more

Here Are All the Smart Email Assistants You Can Use to Hit Inbox Zero

3/4/18 by Kayla Matthews


Maybe you began 2018 feeling hopeful you’d finally hit the highly desirable Inbox Zero milestone... read more Boosts AOV After Generating 35% Click Share Of Valentine’s Day Search Ads

2/20/18 by Staff

Retail Touch Points

Valentine’s Day spend hit a record $19.6 billion this year, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF)... read more

Clear out your inbox with the 10 best third-party email apps for iOS

2/2/18 by Carlos Vega

Digital Trends

Email is an essential method of communication in our everyday lives, one we use for work and play... read more

Here's What Your New Year's Resolutions Have Done For Weight Watchers

2/1/18 by Andria Cheng


With each new year comes resolutions, and that has produced some healthy gains for Weight Watchers International... read more

Target's holiday season is off to a spectacular start

12/5/17 by Stephanie Pandolph

Business Insider

Target saw promising results from Thanksgiving weekend sales. The retailer posted a huge gain during Thanksgiving weekend, with online sales... read more

Amazon owned nearly 1/3 of all online sales during Cyber Monday

12/5/17 by Amy Gesenhues

Marketing Land

Reports from last week showed Amazon earned the most Black Friday and Cyber Monday mentions online. It’s now confirmed the e-commerce giant... read more

Target's online Black Friday growth beats Amazon, Walmart

11/30/17 by Daphne Howland

Retail Dive

E-commerce helped spike this year’s first big holiday sales push — the Tuesday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday — bringing in 14% more... read more


11/27/17 by David Pierce


Let's start this story at the end: You can't kill email. Attempting to do so is a decades-long tradition of the tech industry, a cliché... read more

16 iPhone apps you shouldn't live without

11/22/17 by Avery Artmans


It never really occurred to me that there could be major differences among email apps until I tried Edison Mail's Email app... read more

Hershey beats Mars, Mondelēz, and Perfetti Van Melle in Amazon Halloween candy sales

11/16/17 by Douglas Yu

Confectionery News

The US e-commerce data analytics firm also found that Hersy was the only chocolate brand that appeared among the top five... read more

Smart thermometer uses data to help parents with sick kids

11/6/17 by Trisha Thadani

San Francisco Chronicle

Every parent has been through it: waking up in the dead of night to tend to a sick kid with a high fever, runny nose and unrelenting cough.... read more

Edison Software Acquires Business From Return Path

10/25/17 by Staff


San Jose-based Edison Software, the developer of email software and provider of e-commerce data extracted from emails, said... read more

Google announces Android Excellence app collections for this fall

10/4/17 by Alexandra Arici

Android Guys

Back in June, Google introduced the Android Excellence program in the Play Store. Curated by Google’s editorial team, Android Experience... read more

Google’s updated list showcases the best Android apps right now

10/3/17 by Joe Maring

Android Central

Earlier this summer, Google added an Android Excellence section to the Play Store to highlight the best apps... read more

Edison Mail For Android Now Boasts Tablet Support And More

9/17/17 by Dominik Bosnjak

Android Headlines

The Edison Mail Android app was updated with tablet support and new features earlier this week, Edison Software announced on Friday... read more

How to Unsubscribe From Unwanted Email

9/6/17 by Eric Griffith

Chances are, your email inbox is a mix of important messages, Amazon Prime shipping notices, bill alerts, and other easy-to-ignore offers... read more

Happy 35th birthday email, you've changed our lives

8/30/17 by Ian Barker

Beta News

On August 30th 1982, Dr VA Shiva filed the first copyright for an email system. That means email turns 35 today, but though... read more

Email turns 35 years old

8/30/17 by Jonathan Bloom

ABC7 News

Wednesday marked 35 years since a high school student registered a copyright for a computer program called "email."... read more

15 apps for your iPhone that are better than the ones Apple made

8/27/17 by Dave Smith

Business Insider

Apple preloads every iPhone with a slew of its own first-party apps — but thankfully, the App Store is overflowing with... read more

How to clean up your junk-filled email inbox

7/21/17 by Todd Haselton


A week or so ago, I'd had enough of the constant buzzing of my phone alerting me of new emails... read more

Best Android Email Apps 2017

7/3/17 by Mona Bushnell


Unless you have a Google Nexus or Pixel, odds are the email app that came loaded on your Android phone isn't the best... read more

15 Best Email Apps

6/28/17 by John Corpuz

Tom's Guide

As smartphones and tablets become essential parts of your life, mobile email apps have sprung up, each offering their own... read more

Best Productivity Apps

4/19/17 by John Corpuz

Tom's Guide

We take our smartphones everywhere we go, and with their powerful processors and LTE connectivity, they can be indispensable as personal... read more

EasilyDo changes name to Edison, adds cool AI features to Email app

8/4/17 by Paul K

Phone Arena

Back in February, we took a look at Email by EasilyDo — an awesome smart email app, which makes things easier with customizable swipe gestures... read more

App lets people check to see if their email accounts have been breached

7/31/17 by Joy Schwabach

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Ever wonder if your email account has been broken into? We wondered about that too. A new app called Edison Email checks these things... read more

5 Intelligent iPhone Email Apps to Sort & Organize Your Inbox

7/28/17 by Khamosh Pathak

Make Use Of

The App Store is filled with intelligent email apps. These apps do some of the heavy lifting for you: special sections for newsletters, intelligent replies... read more

EasilyDo has rebranded itself to Edison Software

7/27/17 by Ida Torres

Android Community

What’s in a name? Well, for a lot of brands whether electronic or non-electronic, apparently a lot. We’ve seen companies gain or lose its customers when it rebrands, so there’s always a risk involved... read more

EasilyDo Mail gets Gmail-like smart replies and a new name

7/26/17 by Chaim Gartenberg

The Verge

Email by EasilyDo has been my favorite email application for iOS and Android for a while now, thanks to its lightning-fast speed, clean design, and useful features. Now it’s getting a few more nice additions... read more

EasilyDo Rebrands, Launches Revamped Mail App

7/26/17 by Jess Nelson

Media Post

Productivity and email management app provider EasilyDo announced a rebrand on Wednesday in tandem with the release of an updated email application with more intelligent features... read more

Email By EasilyDo Is Now Edison Mail, Gains New Features

7/26/17 by John Anon

Android Headlines

EasilyDo, along with its Email by EasilyDo app has now undergone a branding change. As part of that change, the company has changed its name to Edison Software, and by association, ‘Email by EasilyDo’... read more

You need to stop wasting time and collaborate efficiently

7/21/17 by Nicholas Gill

Remote working has been subject to much scrutiny with CEOs such as Yahoo!’s Marissa Meyer... read more

Melinda Gates on the 5 Apps (and One Conversation!) Every Busy Parent Should Have

6/12/17 by Melinda Gates

If there's one thing that every parent wishes for, it's more time. Whether I'm halfway around the world for the foundation or getting coffee downtown with a friend, this is something that... read more

Ad Roundup: AI key to new releases

4/13/17 by Kristina Knight

Biz Report

Email by EasilyDo, an AI powered app, has released new versions for both Android and iOS; the new versions include the ability to manage multiple accounts in a unified mailbox, alias support... read more

10 Powerful Apps to Help You Manage Email Like A Boss

2/27/2017 by Tomas Laurinavicius


Email is an inherent part of our daily life. It's hard to imagine a week or even a day without it. We use it for regular communication, marketing, negotiation, business and more... read more

Friday 5: Pokemon Go, At Bat, EasilyDo Email, WhatsApp, Overcast

2/23/2017 by Clifford Colby

Cnet Downloads

This week's Friday 5 includes a major update to Pokemon Go, the spring-training edition of Major League Baseball's At Bat app, a popular iOS email app moving over to Android... read more

Five to Try: Beat up Batman in Arkham Underworld, or force a smile with FaceApp

2/17/2017 by Andrew Hayward

Greenbot from IDG

If you’re on the prowl for new and updated Android apps and games that are worth a look, we’ve got you covered with our latest Five to Try column. FaceApp is this week’s biggest app debut... read more

Material Design-themed Email by EasilyDo now available on Android

2/17/2017 by Mitja Rutnik

Android Authority

The popular email client creatively called Email, which was initially only available on iOS, has made its way over to the Android platform. It offers a bunch of interesting and useful features... read more

Spotlight: Email by EasilyDo is an exceptional alternative to Gmail, Inbox, and Outlook

2/17/2017 by Peter K.


Android surely has a large selection of neat email apps. Gmail, Inbox, Outlook, K-9 Mail, or BlueMail — chances are you are using one of those as your daily email driver. There's always room for a new... read more

EasilyDo brings its powerful Email app to Android

2/17/2017 by Sarah Perez


EasilyDo’s simply named “Email” application is one of the most popular productivity apps on iOS, because it closely resembles the look-and-feel of Apple’s default Mail app... read more

One of the Best Email Apps on iOS Comes to Android

2/16/2017 by Chaim Gartenberg

The Verge

Email by EasilyDo — currently my favorite email application on iOS — is now on Android. Like its iOS cousin, EasilyDo’s Email app promises the same lightning speed, simple one-tap unsubscribing... read more

Speedy Email By EasilyDo App Arrives on Android

2/16/2017 by Jess Nelson


EasilyDo, Inc. announced the launch of its speedy mobile email application, Email by EasilyDo, on Android devices Wednesday. Email by EasilyDo is an iOS email application and productivity... read more

'Email' is an Inbox-like mail app from EasilyDo with a few neat tricks

2/16/2017 by Corbin Davenport

Android Police

Have you always wanted to try Google's Inbox email application, but don't have or use a Gmail address? EasilyDo, developer of EasilyDo Assistant, has released the appropriately-named 'Email.'... read more

AI-Powered Email By EasilyDo Now Available On Android

2/16/2017 by Dominik Bosnajak

Android Headlines

Email – Fast & Secure Mail is the name of the latest Android app released by EasilyDo, the makers of the EasilyDo Smart Assistant. As its name suggests, the app was designed to serve... read more

EasilyDo’s fantastic Email app is now available on Android

2/15/2017 by Danny Zepeda

Techno Buffalo

Finding a great email client can be an overwhelming experience. App stores are littered with thousands of clients that claim to be perfect, but few actually live up to that promise. EasilyDo... read more

23 Must-Have Alexa Skills for Your Small Business

2/15/2017 by Rob Marvin

Fox Business

Amazon's Alexa and other digital assistants are changing the way we get information and control our smart homes Opens a New Window. . They are fundamentally altering the way... read more

Ten iOS apps you should download for your iPhone

12/25/2016 by Brandon Russell

Techno Buffalo

You asked for an iPhone as a holiday gift and you got one. Now what? Apple’s stock apps are good to get you started, but there’s a wide world of alternatives waiting for you to download... read more

Thinking Email

12/13/2016 by Brian Nadel


Tired of Gmail or Outlook’s brain dead approach to getting, presenting and storing email? EasilyDo adds in some artificial intelligence to do things the others can’t on an iPad or iPhone.... read more

7 Online Tools, Apps to Help You Stay Organized Over the Holidays

12/8/2016 by Cosette Jarrett


The holidays have long been touted as the “most wonderful time of the year.” Although it’s hard to deny the pure joy that this season brings to many of us, it’s also impossible to ignore... read more

App Makes Email More Manageable with Folders, Unsubscribe Option

12/5/2016 by Bob and Joy Schwabach

Arkansas Online

We're using a new email application that keeps you organized through the holidays and beyond. It's called Email by Easily Do, and it's free for iPhones and iPads... read more

Email by EasilyDo May Just Be the Best Third-Party App for All Things Mail

5/5/2016 by Krystle Vermes

Tech Times

In an effort to cater to frustrated Gmail users who are seeking an alternative to their iPhone's Mail app, Email by EasilyDo has been launched... read more

Mossberg: A Smart New Email App for the iPhone

5/4/2016 by Walt Mossberg

The Verge

Once, Apple’s built-in Mail app for iOS was a revelation. It was easy to use, yet rich with features — like simple account setup, in-line photos, fast search, a good junk mail filter, the ability to... read more

EasilyDo Mail Automatically Organizes Your Email into Common Sense Categories

5/4/2016 by Thorin Klosowski


iPhone: You have countless options for email organization tools, but EasilyDo Mail’s an app that makes automated organization of some common categories, like travel and newsletters... read more

EasilyDo’s Speedy New Mail App Puts A Smart Assistant in Your Inbox

5/2/2016 by Sarah Perez


Productivity app maker EasilyDo is best known for its smart assistant for iPhone that lets you do things like organize your travel plans, track shipments, update your contacts, create... read more

EasilyDo Email App Separates Emails into Smart Folders

4/27/2016 by Brandy Shaul

Ad Week

EasilyDo's Email app aims to help users keep track of travel info, email attachments and more by automatically separating messages into smart folders... read more

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